Knowledge is power in e-commerce. In a rapidly growing, highly competitive market, decisions about your business are only as good as the data informing them. This is why e-commerce marketers need to understand what is working for their brands—and what’s holding them back.

Business intelligence software makes this understanding possible. This is why, according to Research and Markets, global investment in these tools is expected to grow to nearly $29 billion in 2022, representing 20% growth since 2019.

Line Item by Ironbridge Software can reduce the complexity of managing products across multiple retailer websites and online marketplaces. It empowers e-commerce marketers to capitalize on trends, build new revenue streams, maximize sales and boost profitability.

Line Item is a performance analytics platform built for CPG and e-commerce, allowing users to drill into search results, product attributes and e-analytics. Here’s five questions Line Item can answer to help you understand what’s working and what’s not.

Are you getting your share of page one?
If you’re not on page one of search results, you’re not driving traffic. And if you’re not driving traffic, you’re certainly not maximizing sales. Line Item helps you analyze how well your SEO is working across all key search terms, across retailer websites and online marketplaces for a complete view. With it, you can optimize for specific keywords in the search results and improve page rank.

Are your promotions paying off?
Line Item captures which ASIN, UPC, and SKU are promoted. This data can be integrated with AMZ Brand Analytics, Retail Link, Partnersonline and more for quick results so you can see what’s working and what’s not. You can also determine whether long-tail keywords are worth promoting. With these insights, you can optimize your marketing strategy to be relevant at the right time and react more quickly (and effectively) to customer demand.

Are you priced right?
Profitability hinges on the right pricing. Line Item compares unit pricing, item by item across competitors and web sites daily. With it, you can also review pricing over a period for deeper analysis. You can monitor fulfillment, delivery times, and charges for the same items on different websites.

In addition, Line Item can identify “robotic” pricing activity and send you pricing alerts.

Are you tracking new items and competitors?
If you’re not staying on top of trends and competitors, you’re missing out on opportunities to maximize sales. With Line Item, you can do a deep-dive search on new products and brands. This will help you identify new or unknown competitors, both foreign and low-priced.

Are out-of-stocks hurting revenue?
If items are unavailable, you’re missing out on sales. Inventory management is a constant balancing act between understocking and overstocking. Line Item can make it easier to strike the right balance. It can detect trending items going out of stock. Time of day can affect availability, so more insight from Line Item can guide inventory management.

Are your descriptions and images keeping you off page one?
When managing hundreds or even thousands of products, you need powerful insights to steer strategy. If descriptions, images, and copy are incomplete, inconsistent, and not optimized for specific search terms, you’re missing out on potential sales. With Line Item, you can ensure that descriptions and images are correct, complete and consistent across all sites.

In a rapidly growing and ever-changing market, CPG marketers and e-commerce managers need access to better business intelligence for strategic decision-making. Line Item empowers you with a single tool for fresh insights into what’s driving your sales and what’s holding you back. It can help you save time, grow sales, and enhance profitability across your portfolio with integrated data for more informed decision-making. Line Item is your lifeline to more profitable e-commerce.