Custom Solutions

We bridge the gap between category management & information technology.

You know that you should be leveraging your data, but you don’t know where to begin. You have questions about your business, but you aren’t sure which data sources will lead you to a solution. That’s where Ironbridge comes in. Are your sales team and IT department at odds? Not to worry–Ironbridge speaks both languages and can bridge the gap between IT needs and the rest of your business. Our consultants can help tailor Ironbridge products to your needs and guide you towards actionable results. Here are a few areas where Ironbridge excels in customization:

Ironbridge Consulting Services

Our consultants help you navigate your big data and find meaning in all the numbers.


  • Data harmonization gathers all your data in one place with our data integration tools
  • Custom segmentation generates insights as unique as your business
  • We understand your business and dig into its challenges to build custom data solutions
  • Data visualization draws meaning from your data with custom reports and insights
  • Data-based decisions drive your business

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