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Master your market with insights to grow revenue, improve profitability, and build your brands.

Line Item is a powerful e-commerce analytics solution that helps retailers of all sizes gain insights into their online sales data.

With Line Item you can:

  • Optimize page rank: Line Item helps you optimize keywords, titles, images, features (i.e.ratings) in your product listings. Help potential customers find your products.
  • Evaluate competitor pricing: Using product attributes within a category, Line Item identifies directly competing products by price and features. Use this information to price your products competitively or differentiate from competitors.
  • Identify third-party activity: Line Item can help you to identify third-party activity, such as when a seller markets your products without your authorization. While it is rare that 3P sellers undercut a manufacturer’s price, they can damage your brand with poor service, wrong product or expired product. This information can help you protect your intellectual property.
  • Identify new or unknown competitors: Line Item finds new or unknown competitors selling similar products to yours. Use this information to identify new trends or differentiate from competitors.
  • Identify “robotic” pricing activity: Line Item can identify “robotic” pricing activity when a competitor uses automated tools to lower their prices to drive traffic to their website artificially.
  • Verify item pricing (MAP): Line Item can verify that your products are priced correctly. This can help you protect your brand and ensure you are not losing sales to unauthorized resellers.
  • Ensure descriptions and images are correct and consistent: Line Item can help you ensure that your products’ descriptions and images are correct and consistent across all of your sales channels. This can help to improve the customer experience and to reduce the number of returns.
  • Merge your sales data: Track sales by site, by page rank, by price, by competitive activity.
  • Manage Inventories: Line Item identifies OOS and low inventory situations.
  • Track reviews: A review score shrinking over time is a cause for concern. Has there been damaging third party activity? A manufacturing problem just surfacing? Line Item can perform sentiment analysis of reviews (good and bad).

Benefits of Using Line Item:

  • Increased sales: Line Item can help you to increase your sales by optimizing page rank, identifying competitor activity, and verifying item pricing.
  • Improved customer experience: Line Item can help you improve the customer experience by ensuring that descriptions and images are correct and consistent across all your sales channels. You can reduce the effectiveness of third party sellers.
  • Reduced costs: Line Item can help you optimize inventory levels.
  • Increased brand awareness: Line Item can help you increase brand awareness
    by protecting your items and ensuring your products are sold at the correct price.

Put Line Item to work for your business.