Boost profitability and drive growth across your e-commerce portfolio with better business intelligence. Line Item empowers you with a single tool to gain fresh insights into what’s driving your sales – or holding you back. Use it to improve search results and easily drill down into every aspect of your e-analytics and product attributes.

Better Data. Better Decisions.

Master your market with insights to grow revenue, improve profitability, and build your brands.

Line Item helps you to:

  • Optimize search results
  • Identify new or unknown competitors—foreign and low-priced
  • Identify “robotic” pricing activity
  • Verify item pricing (MAP)
  • Ensure descriptions and images are correct and consistent
  • Identify third-party activity (diversion)

Knowledge is power

Understand what’s working for your brands—and what’s holding you back:

  • Are you getting your share of page one?
  • Are your descriptions and images keeping you off page one?
  • Are your items overpriced?
  • Are your reviews letting you down?
  • Are you tracking new items and competitors?
  • Are your promotions paying off?
  • Are out-of-stocks hurting revenue?

Go deeper, easily

Get more from your e-analytics, so you can drive sales with smarter insights.


Line Item captures:

  • E-Tailer
  • Search term
  • Date/time
  • Items on top (usually) 3 pages
  • Page and rank on page
  • Description
  • Promotion
  • Review score and count
  • Selling price
  • List Price
  • Attributes

Results that drive ROI

Improve performance and profitability by understanding what drives value.

Line Item’s proprietary AI engine calculates attributes for every item:

  • Attributes
  • Segment
  • Style
  • Form
  • Size
  • Packaging
  • Flavor
  • Nutrition facts

Put Line Item to work for your business.


Ironbridge has partnered with Interactive Edge to bring the best insight and data for ecommerce to our clients through their XP3 platform.