Consumers may be shopping online more than ever during and after COVID-19, but Walmart is still a dominant force in consumer marketing. Ninety percent of Americans live within a 15-minute drive of a Walmart store. Online or offline, shoppers are increasingly using retailers like Walmart and Amazon for product research as well as purchases.

This means that the most successful e-commerce strategies should help you sell better on the biggies like Amazon and Walmart. Line Item’s powerful approach to e-commerce can help. Line Item is a performance analytics platform that gives consumer packaged goods (CPG) and e-commerce marketing managers insights into e-analytics and product attributes to drive revenue and profitability. It’s a powerful tool to help you increase your Walmart sales, and your e-commerce sales in general.

What makes Line Item’s approach to e-commerce different? It’s our focus on product attributes and the insights they offer into how to improve your e-commerce sales. Here’s how this works.

“Deep dive” attribute analysis

Line Item enables a “deep dive” into all products, item by item, not just at a category level. By item, Line Item captures page rank, price, reviews, availability, and delivery times. Then, from titles and features across a dozen or more websites, Line Item figures out all relevant attributes. Let’s look at this example for a laundry detergent product.

Line Item would analyze all products, item by item to determine all relevant attributes. This could include brand, form (for example, liquid, powder, or pods), package type and size, scent, whitening agents, natural or organic ingredients, skin sensitivity, high efficiency and more.

Using these attributes, Line Item identifies the items that are your closes competition on as well as across a dozen or more websites, giving you new insights into competitor strategies and market opportunities.

This can help you sell more on as well as boost your e-commerce sales in general across sites.

Selling more on

To improve your Walmart e-commerce, you must have more insight into what’s driving your sales—or holding you back. Line Item gives you this better business intelligence via a single tool that can help you improve search results and analyze every aspect of your portfolio’s e-analytics at the powerful product attribute level.

In addition to better performance analytics and more focus on product attributes, there are some specific nuances to selling more on Walmart. This is because of its platform’s unique algorithms and advertising policies.

Product-specific categories. Selling on requires a different strategy than Amazon. On Amazon, successful strategy comes from the right approach to keywords: relevant, not too broad, not too specific, no keyword overstuffing. On, increasing the number of products grouped in a campaign can significantly boost performance. Because these approaches differ, it’s important to understand them both—and factor their differences into your digital marketing. Line Item will tell you what your competition is doing differently and what you need to do better to sell more on

Ad auction pricing. With “first-price” auction rules, Walmart’s ad platform differs from other bidding marketplaces. This can mean that it’s easy to overbid and overpay, lowering campaign efficiency overall. Because Walmart is where so many shoppers start, this can damage campaign strategy beyond the platform. Line Item will help you determine how your products are responding to search terms and how to strengthen your response.

Market Basket. One of the tools in Retail Link® is the Market Basket. It can help suppliers and e-commerce analysts determine what other items were purchased along with their brand or product. This can be important for in-store advertising, campaigns, and more. While these insights are valuable in themselves, the true power comes when they can be integrated quickly along with other e-analytics data. Line Item can integrate your Market Basket insights quickly with insights from more than a dozen sites to determine what’s driving your sales.

Better insights into your full e-analytics portfolio can help you track marketplace trends, monitor campaign efficiency, immediately improve ad performance and drive higher marketing ROI.

With Line Item, you can more easily understand what’s working for your products and brands on as well as across the web. You can also understand where your competition has the edge. This can give you the insight to improve your strategy for Walmart e-commerce and fuel growth and profitability.