Let’s talk about the elephant in the room: Amazon is undeniably the king of e-commerce, and it’s here to stay. Not only is it the largest e-commerce platform by revenue in the world, half of all online shoppers visit Amazon to search for a product, even if they buy it elsewhere. Each month, over 197 million people globally search Amazon for a product (and 90% of shoppers use Amazon for price checks). This means that Amazon is important by itself but also as part of your overall e-commerce strategy.

With 12 million products listed on Amazon, it’s not good enough to be good enough. Real profitability lies in having the right tools to increase sales. If you want to sell on Amazon—and be successful—you need game-changing insight into attributes. Line Item makes this possible.

Line Item is a performance analytics platform that gives consumer packaged goods (CPG) and e-commerce marketing managers insights into e-analytics and product attributes to drive revenue and profitability. It’s a powerful tool to help you increase your Amazon sales, and your e-commerce sales in general.

Line Item has an algorithm that tells you how your products respond to search terms and how to improve your response. If you want to sell on Amazon, Line Item will tell you what your competition is doing differently—and what you need to do better.

Line Item helps you identify and track close competitors on Amazon and across other sites to help you sell more (and more profitably). It can help you analyze your e-commerce performance to address key questions like:

  • Do competitors get better page rank because they’re doing a better job with titles and features?
  • Are your products priced right?
  • Are competitor items unavailable?
  • Do competitor items have long delivery times?

Knowing the answer to these—in addition to other e-commerce insights—can help you increase your sales, on Amazon and in general.

Line Item helps you sell more on Amazon

Other e-commerce services and tools make the user identify competitor items to track by product codes like ASIN, GTIN, and SKU. Line Item does not. Our attribute algorithm makes it much easier to get insights into what your competitors are doing well on Amazon and other sites—and where they are not, so you can capture opportunity.

The Line Item attribute difference

By item, Line Item captures page rank, price, reviews, availability, and delivery times. Then, using titles and features across a dozen or more web sites, we figure out all relevant attributes you should be tracking to be more successful in your e-commerce. This takes the burden off the e-commerce manager and gives you much more actionable insights. This can help you to:

Improve your Amazon SEO

Because Amazon is built on a search engine, you can use proven SEO techniques to improve your product rankings, on and off Amazon itself. First, you need to understand how well your SEO is working across all key search terms, on Amazon as well as on other retailer sites and online marketplaces. This is important because shoppers are moving seamlessly between sites as they search.

Line Item analyzes whether or not your brands or products are ranking on page one, giving you insights into what is or isn’t working for your e-commerce SEO. Line Item can also ensure that your product titles, descriptions and images are complete and consistent, eliminating gaps that can cost you page rank and sales.

Optimize your Amazon keywords

Amazon keywords are a little like Goldilocks and the three bears: the porridge needs to be just right. Some keywords are a little too broad on their own (like “glasses,” for instance—do you mean wine glasses or eyeglasses?). Some keywords are a little too specific on their own and aren’t searched very frequently—these are ‘long-tail’ keywords. These might get you a page one result, but you need to understand if it’s worth investing in them. You also don’t want to overuse keywords, which can lead to a high bounce rate.

Using Amazon keywords effectively in your product description can make a big difference in selling more on Amazon. Line Item’s algorithm will tell you what keywords you may be missing compared to your competition.

These insights can help you close the gaps that may be holding your product back from page one results in Amazon. When you understand what’s selling well—and what’s not—you’re in a much stronger position to make the decisions that can improve your Amazon e-commerce. Line Item is the lifeline that makes it possible.