Hot off the press: Online Customers Spend $14 Billion On Black Friday And Thanksgiving AND $10.8 Billion on Cyber Monday ALONE.

In a pandemic which doesn’t seem to slow down it’s grip, record online sales have been reflected in a preliminary data collection with consumers spending $9.0 billion on Black Friday alone, an increase of 21.6% over 2019. On Thanksgiving Day, $5.1 billion worth of online transactions were recorded, 21.5% over last year. Smartphone driven purchases up about 39% and so on and so forth. Cyber Monday spending rose 15.1% year over year, with a total spend of $10.8 billion, setting a record for the largest U.S. internet shopping day ever.

As an E-commerce player, you absolutely have to take advantage of these massive numbers and virtual consumer trends which do not seem to slow down at all. What will happen every day between now and the end of the year…and beyond? What does E-commerce spent look like? More importantly, where do you stand and where does your product stand in the market today as a stand-alone item and also in comparison to your competition? Are you one click away from showcasing (and ultimately selling) your product or not even close? We have THE E-commerce analytics tool which will give you not only the answer, but the solution.

From Ironbridge Software, we offer ‘Line Item’, it’s our deep dive tool into eCommerce analytics. ‘Line Item’ differentiates itself from any other E-commerce analytics tools by the deep dive it takes into the item attributes and the ability to translate that into crucial insights for any online seller.

  • We scan different web sites for multiple search terms capturing page rank, pricing, promotions, descriptions, images, reviews and a deep dive into attributes for every item.
  • Using these attributes ‘Line Item’ then compares your items’ performance to direct competitors’ in the same web sites and across sites.
  • We produce charts and tables of your page rank response to different search terms to competitors page rank; pricing comparison by brand, segment or individual item and so on.
  • We capture UPC and SKU so you can tie your sales volume to promotion activity, page rank and pricing across all sites.

“Big data has a name. It’s got this aura that there’s some sort of magic in it. That you’re going to find things going on in your business: problems to solve, or opportunities that you didn’t even know existed. This is not true. Insights come from hard work and knowing the problem you are trying to solve. That’s where Ironbridge comes in–we’ll do the heavy lifting for you.”
-Mike Dickenson, Ironbridge CEO & self-proclaimed “data geek”

About Ironbridge Software
Ironbridge Software was founded in 1989 by Mike Dickenson. Mike’s unparalleled expertise and passion for technology led him to create the first-ever analytical solution for the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry. He assembled a team that has more than 50 years experience and Ironbridge Software has been leading the field ever since. Back in 1989, Mike’s vision was to blend database expertise, analytical expertise and software capabilities to produce a complete service for the CPG industry. At Ironbridge, we’re passionate about solving our clients’ problems, one insight at a time.

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