NetPoint combines the power of data analytics with an easy to use platform for users to create robust Power-point presentations. End users access and refresh presentations through a web site. The best Power-point productivity tool available today.


  • Refresh entire presentation with a single click
  • Embedded excel charts and tables
  • All excel charts plus custom charts supported
  • Conditional formatting in tables
  • Intellitext feature makes headlines from table and chart content
  • Filters, sorts and ranks
  • Minimal learning curve, be productive immediately
  • Connects directly to your databases


Connect to Data Sources

Import all data both internal and external. Analyze data easily with no programming or database language needed.

Complex Data In PowerPoints or Excel Dashboards in Seconds!

All the data you need brought into one application. Refresh & update data with a single click

Share With Your Team

Easily share with your team via the web. Full security features for end-user viewing.

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