Category Management

Category Management

How often do category managers turn to home grown solutions because their data suppliers and IT support don’t address their pain points?

Pain Point Solution 1:

Flexible Hierarchies, Attributes, Characteristics

Ironbridge’s NetBench technology allows you, the Category Manager to define your own hierarchies, product segmentation, groupings and characteristics as and when you need to. You may have a corporate financial hierarchy, a sales hierarchy and different hierarchies for every retailer you sell to. NetBench handles all this and will roll up data into any segmentation you care to define. You can do this in the geography dimension also: corporate regions, retailer trading areas and so on.

Pain Point Solution 2:

Complete Business Review

Sales data comes from many sources: EDI852, syndicated, retailer websites and in many forms. Gathering these sources and harmonizing them is a full time job. Ironbridge handles all this. We gather the data, harmonize it and with NetBench you produce a complete business review with all product lines in seconds.

Pain Point Solution 3:

Complex Scorecards and Dashboards

Once you have pulled all the data together and harmonized it, you still have to paste it into Excel to produce the dashboard management wants to see. Netbench handles all the calculations you had to build into Excel, all the formatting, pulls the data from the database and exports it to Excel. All in seconds.

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